About Us

We are leaders in our industry who are passionate about helping Revenue Cycle teams manage their healthcare receivables and achieve desired outcomes.

We are here to serve.

We support healthcare organizations’ Revenue Cycle processes and procedures so they can maintain their focus on patient care. Our adaptable approach simplifies patient financial services with technology integration and multi-channel communication, demonstrating the highest degree of compliance, patient consideration, and data analysis.

MedSrv, LLC believes that conducting business ethically and striving to do the right thing are vital to the success of our company. Our corporate philosophy is centered on the Christian values of respect, fairness, loyalty, perseverance, and compassion. These values extend to every aspect of operations relating to our clients, employees, patients, vendors, and community. Our company has experienced, and in many cases battled against, the many economic, technological, and legislative changes that have occurred over the last four decades. Not simply enduring challenges, our company has far surmounted obstacles, achieving tremendous success, which we attribute directly to our solid and longstanding corporate philosophy. As we move into the future, we will continue to center our goals and enterprise on these principles.

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Dallas S. Bunton, Sr.

Our founder, served as a Certified Instructor through ACA, held a Fellow Degree in Collection Business Management and Master Credit Executive designation prior to his passing in July 2019. For over four decades, our team has served our clients, their patients, and our community with a spirit of excellence and service that has allowed our organization to grow and flourish in a competitive healthcare market.

Now led by the Bunton Family, they continue to honor his legacy by serving clients and patients with faith, integrity, and service.

A Passion for Our Work

MedSrv, LLC believes it is essential to advocate on issues supporting the Revenue Cycle industry because it is who we are and how we operate. We have a responsibility to uphold both internal and public policies that support the health of our business, our employees, and the communities we serve.

Our Excellence Shows

MedSrv, LLC has been recognized as an industry leader for decades. Along with our corporate and community partners, we are proud to have been recognized for our integrity and service.

  • BBB Torch Ethics in the Marketplace

    Winner, 2020

  • Chattanooga Chamber Healthiest Business

    Winner, 2020

Dynamic Reporting Solutions

Our service offers complete 24/7 accessibility through our portals which are fully integrated into our systems. Clients can access their information thanks to our interactive dynamic reporting systems.

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Compliance and Security

Our Ethics and Compliance program supports our mission statement and helps protect our culture. The program develops and distributes awareness materials, including the Standards of Conduct, facilitates legal compliance and ethics training, investigates sensitive issues such as potential conflicts of interest, and provides additional channels for employees to voice concerns. Employees are encouraged to report all situations to the program.

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Regulated Operations

Our company consistently operates under the following standards:

• All Federal and State laws regulating our industry.
• No license ever suspended, revoked, or denied.

Our membership in industry associations require annual recertifications, quarterly business audits of our processes which ensure that we maintain ethical business practices.