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Customer Service

We leverage our years of expertise to offer a unique blend of agility, scalability, and management to your Revenue Cycle, delivering quality support and results to your patients.

We Serve Your Patients

Our team of Customer Service Specialists is equipped to offer unparalleled support to patients across multiple time zones. In addition, regardless of pandemic risks or global events, we maintain availability and performance standards, so you never have gaps in your service.

Our high-performing, multi-lingual agents are available to serve your patients in English, Spanish, Hindi, Samoan, and Gujarati.

At MedSrv, LLC key performance metrics are a crucial component to helping agents deliver exceptional customer experiences. We provide proprietary Performance Playbooks and training, along with operational improvement processes and quality assurance, to help our team exceed standards.

Our Benefits

Our healthcare facilities need access to data and insights to track their Revenue Cycle. Everything we do is data-driven, partnering with our clients to provide a 360° view of patient, employee, and event data​ from day one, allowing us to optimize every interaction and drive value for each level of our partnership.

  • Inbound/Outbound Service

    Management of inbound/outbound call center and customer service activities on behalf of healthcare facilities and patients. We serve patients with respect and compassion allowing for the successful resolution of medical bills. Our team manages simultaneous in-bound and out-bound calls on behalf of our clients daily with an A+ rating with the BBB.

  • Patient Education

    Provide statement and insurance education to patients regarding eligbility, balance after insurance, self-pay, deductables, co-pays, financial assistance, Care Credit, and payment arrangements.

  • Patient Payment Processing

    Payment posting in medical billing is considered one of the most common challenges most healthcare facilities face. Payment posting is regarded as the most integral part of Revenue Cycle Management. The method of payment posting can affect many business processes of the healthcare facilities that can have a significant impact on efficiency, patient care, and overall financial growth.

  • Payment Arrangements

    Our team of live Customer Service Specialists answer all patient questions and identify payment arrangements following facility guidelines to resolve balances in a timely fashion.

  • Monthly Performance Reporting

    Our reporting provides better visibility and analytics into your healthcare facility’s Revenue Cycle and insights that support data-driven decision-making.

  • Statement Generation

    Statement generation and distribution based on healthcare facility’s needs.

  • In-house Legal Counsel

    In-house legal department to manage processes associated with any and all information pertaining to attorney involvement, deceased, bankruptcy, MVA, WC related situations.

  • Insurance Resolution

    Follow-up with insurance carriers on outstanding accounts.

  • Charity Review

    Review of financial assistance/charity write-offs for potential approval as outlined by providers.

  • In-Depth Training

    Rigorous in-house training programs and monthly audits to ensure compliance with Federal, State, and healthcare facility guidelines.

Our Services

MedSrv, LLC provides healthcare facilities and physician practices healthcare Revenue Cycle Management and oversight with the highest level of customer service across the U.S. from our campus in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Customer Service

We leverage our years of expertise to offer a unique blend of agility, scalability, and management to your Revenue Cycle, delivering quality support and results to your patients.

Revenue Cycle Management

The heart of every healthcare facility is managing its most liquid asset on the balance sheet. Administering Revenue Cycle Management processes are vital to maintaining business agility and driving growth.

Cash Management

In this era of new technology, regulatory change, and industry consolidation, healthcare facilities face an array of cash management challenges. Our team of specialists manage the journey from start to finish.