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Our integrated solution brings together robust data, intelligent claim handling and performance consulting for a richer revenue cycle.

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39 Years of Operation

2.5 Million Consumers Served Annually

$2 Billion Medical Revenue Processed Annually

2700+ Providers Served Annually

500k Calls Processed Annually

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As the healthcare industry continues to grow, so does the need for consistent, effective Revenue Cycle Management. But it takes more than just technology and technical expertise. It takes innovation, a willingness to adapt, and passion to deliver the best. MedSrv, LLC is the difference in Revenue Cycle Management.

We  offer expertise to both providers and patients alike in order to better help them navigate the medical billing environment. We believe integrity, compassion and education are the most efficient tools for successful Revenue Cycle Management.  

Our clients see the difference.

As an organization, MedSrv, LLC has been some of the best folks I have ever worked with. The response ‘No, we can’t do that’ is not in their vocabulary.  Anytime I’ve asked for something they have said ‘Yes, I believe we can do that!’  It has been great to have partners who will go the extra mile to provide the tools we need to do our work.


We strive to be real partners.

I have come to view MedSrv, LLC not only as a vendor and Revenue Cycle Management company, but a true corporate partner who makes every effort to be a leader in their industry and maintain cutting edge approach to how they do business.  I also very much appreciate their support of our mission through philanthropic efforts.

Kelly CFO

We’re committed to genuine service.

I am continually amazed at the professionalism, customer driven approach and quality outcomes MedSrv, LLC brings to their clients. Revenue Cycle Management is a tough business, but MedSrv, LLC has been able to outperform its competitors while maintaining the Christian Mission of our organization.

Mel VP

Dynamic Reporting Solutions

Our service offers complete 24/7 accessibility through our portals which are fully integrated into our systems. Clients can access their information thanks to our interactive dynamic reporting systems.

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Culture & Community

We recognize the importance of caring for our employees and our community as equally as we care for our clients and consumers alike.

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Career Opportunities

Our endeavor to remain on the cutting edge of industry developments to offer the best service possible means a fast-paced and challenging work environment with opportunity for growth, benefits and much more.

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